Error while saving to Google Drive in Split/Merge mode

I can not save to Google Drive in the Split/Merge mode of Kami. However, I can download the files. It just will not let me save to Google Drive. It tries to connect to my Google Account but cannot complete the action. In Kami’s main app, I can save to Google Drive. Has anyone else had this problem?

I did not ever have this promblem… im not sure what is happening with your Kami connections… If theres something I can find and let you know what to do I can do that… So let me look into why your kami is having trouble… If you somehow find the solution before I post again with the news… Please let me know… Other than that please have a great day and talk soon… Bye

Kami support responded they were aware of the problem. It is a bug on Google’s side.

So is everything figured out or are you still having a promblem with a site?

@lcollins try downloading to your computer and then uploading that file to Google Drive. If that doesn’t work type @yhefter and I will try to get back to you

Did you mistype because you said youll get back to yourself @yhefter

Just here to say I am having this issue as well. Any attempt to split and merge a PDF from Google Drive just causes the program to hang.

@gjicha1 that just means that they should type my username and I will get back to them.

@yhefter Sounds good thanks for the heads up