Error message when creating assignments in Google Classroom

I have the Kami extension. I have the PDF I want in my Google Drive. When I try to create an assignment either from Kami or Google Classroom, everything looks like it’s going well until I post and then I get a message that says an error occurred.

I am having the same exact issue. All day can not post an assignment.

Same here. I haven’t been able to post or edit assignments. My students are all having trouble doing their work on Kami. It won’t let them open up the assignments.

Same - I am trying to split/merge a part of a pdf and it just says processing - does not actually work

Have you used Kami sucessfully before? I haven’t this is my first time. Could it be overloaded with everyone using it because of the COVID?

I was asking the other person that replied if they had used Kami sucessfully before. Have you? This is my first time, so I could be doing something incorrectly. But, I wondered if maybe their are too many users (due to COVID) and it’s somehow overloaded.

I have used it successfully before. I think it was a glitch yesterday. It is up and running today.