Enable and disable times when students can work on a doc

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to choose when students can work on a document. I plan to scan and upload their workbooks. I want them to only be able to annotate on the workbook I share with them (each student will have their own copy), then lock the annotations (student answers) on the page, and disable access. For the next class they would open the same doc and continue to make annotations, without being able to change the previous ones, then lock and repeat next class. Is this possible or do I have to make a share a whole new copy that was previously saved with the previous day’s answers. I hope this makes sense. TIA!

Hi Nicki, at the moment there is no way to lock a document and continue working on it in the way that you described. You can have them use it as a notebook and track their annotations by clicking on “Annotation Summary” more info on that here: https://help.kamiapp.com/en/articles/4055396-the-sidebar-explained Another workaround would be having your students export their document at the end of each session and have them flatten their annotations > save this to the appropriate Google Drive folder > repeat this process until ready for submission. They would then have to take screenshots of their previous pages and upload them into their final document. I hope that helps!