Dont Refresh page unless its something else

Today I wasnt planning on being on Kami at 8am in the morning…
As I came online I noticed that a student messaged me asking
" Kami - is not saving my work, should I refresh my page "
Now as a student myself, my moods can change faster than you think, So im gonna say this fast…
Dont ever stop and reload your page if your Kami wont save the work…

First Off - - - Your Kami might just need a break, Just like you do when your parents, or teachers be annoying all day, When this happens just breath and wait a couple minutes before trying again.

Second Off ---- Students may believe reloading the Kami page would help… Thats wrong,
Your going to lose all your work. I dont care if your mom, dad, teacher, tells you to, DONT DO IT

Last Final Thing — If waiting a couple minutes doesnt seem to help, Go to this , Its an article from the Kami help app center, That gives you a chance to find your promblem and fix it within 10 seconds.

Good-bye hope this helps anybody in danger, if you need to contact me with anything else
I have 3 options

  1. My zoom is opened for anybody in need
    ID - 753-688-0439
    PC - T60Vqm

  2. Kami messages

  3. My email

Bye everyone have a great day :slight_smile: