Do we have a word count?

do we have a word count on kami if we do can someone tell me where to find it and lastly if we don’t have can someone add it in to kami i have had about 4 teachers say to write a ____ word essay so then i have to go thought out and count it when i am done so cold we get a word count please


Oh, that’s an awfully long way to go about it! I would recommend writing your essay in google docs, Microsoft Word, or whatever word processor you have and getting the word count from there. Then, copy and paste the essay into the Kami assignment(?). You can also turn the document into a PDF by clicking file -> download as (google docs) or save as (MS Word/others).

I’m not sure how your teacher is using Kami (Canvas? Google Classroom?), but it sounds like there may be some more convenient options. Kami is super awesome for following along with lecture notes or collaborating together, but definitely not ideal for writing essays!

I hope that helps.

Ms. R

tanks it does and we are using canvas and kami at the same time so thanks for the help

thanks for the awesome information.

Thank you from Gabby too, that helped tons.

thanks my issue has been fixed.