Discobot please work

@discobotstartnewusertutorial :rage:

[quote=“JAYJAYLOL, post:1, topic:4787, full:true”]
[/quote]quoting this message

@greensw7316 like this? look above :arrow_up:

Like I said, try it without the spaces so like this:

@ discobot start new user tutorial

(not with the bold though, the site did that-)
(-edit i typed the wrong thing haha…)

@greensw7316 go back to the messages weve sent to eachother.

@discobot start new user tutorial

Hm, what about asking discobot for help ? To do this, type:

@ discobot display help

(but without the space)

@discobot display help

I just was looking around and found this will one of them work?

It was from a different persons topic.

The one that you’re trying to do is the first one, so yeah keep trying to do that and maybe hopefully it will work.

but whats the name of the tutorial?

@discobot display help

New user tutorial.

so exactly like that?

How about try it again because I posted at the same time you posted that and sometimes discobot won’t reply if two or more people reply at the same time.

@discobot new user tutorial

For discobot to reply, you would need to include the word “start” before the name of the tutorial or it won’t work.

@discobot start new user tutorial

Okay um let’s try this.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.