Direct print option?

When I print a document, it currently downloads it as a pdf, which I then have to open on a desktop reader to print. Is there any way to print directly from Kami? This would be a huge improvement for me and the work I use Kami for.

Hi Jordan–

Yes, I do have that icon. It still downloads as a PDF instead of bringing up a print dialog box (this occurs whether I select the Original or With Annotations options). I am using Chrome, just ran the most recent update and am still experiencing the issue.

That did the trick, thanks!

I am using a chromebook with Version 57.0.2987.146 (64-bit) of Chrome.

I have the same issue. I hit the printer icon and the file downloads and there is no option to send to a printer.

I’d appreciate the help.

Hi there,

Seems like something else is at play here. Do you have any other extensions installed? Could you try Kami in Incognito mode and see if it happens? If it still does, could you please take a screencast of the problem and send it into