Diagrams Appear as a Blank Blue Page

I am trying to view and annotate a pdf with a diagram that is clearly viewable in Chrome’s pdf viewer. However, when opening the pdf in Kami, the diagram appears as a dark blue page, as shown below.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Is the page fully loaded? Meaning are you waiting for the wheel in the tab to stop spinning?

Yes, the page is fully loaded, there is no loading wheel.

try fully clearing the browser cache.

I cleared Chrome’s cache, and the page still appears blue. I also tried opening the document in Microsoft Edge, and the page remains blue.

This probably means that Kami is not working with the PDF correctly. Do you need to use Kami-exclusive features, or do you only need the features available in the Chrome PDF Viewer? If you need Kami-exclusive features, please contact support@kamiapp.com. However, if you only need the features of Chrome, use that.

Sorry I could not help you further.

Try printing the PDF to another PDF file and load that one.

I get the feeling that this has nothing to do with the PDF itself, but rather the “content” of the file, so copying the file to a new one, which is what you are suggesting, will most likely not help.

Try changing the format. You could screen shot the doc with a snip tool and then use Kami to rewrite the file as a pdf. Might lose some quality in the process though.