Diagraming Sentences in Kami

I am trying to use Kami to teach diagramming but I do not know how to get the words on the diagonal. Any suggestions?

@English2Teacher Did you try rotating a text box? that should help, but if not, put @yhefter and I will try to help you!

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Thank you. I found the rotate tool. This helps but it only flips (90deg. 180 deg, etc) I am hoping to find a way to rotate to maybe 45 deg.
This does help. It is better than any other alternative I came up with though.
Thank you

Can you download the file? if so export it to a program that allows free rotation. Then rotate and reimport the new file into Kami.
Hope this helps!

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Congratulations @yhefter your helping people out.
Your also making sure they have exactly what they have to keep there work/ apps all nice and neat.
Im gonna thank you for that.
Have a great day