Deleting student annotations

I’d like to be able to delete student annotations on copies of my documents. Sometimes I used one doc for several students and would like to be able to delete annotations that aren’t relevant. Is there a way this can be done?


let me ask around a bit and I will get back to you because I found something that might be helpful

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Thank you! Really appreciate it.

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no problem I am glad to be of help

Sort of seconding this request, but with a variation - a “CLEAR all annotations” to match with the Restore annotations function.

I start each class period with an un-annotated version of documents, so it would be nice to just hit “clear” and start fresh at the beginning of the next class, rather than having to re-upload a fresh copy. I’m currently dragging the eraser around and removing all my annotations.

Corollary feature request - a way to “edit” my own document without saving any of my annotations to drive. The download/reupload thing is a fine work around, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:

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Well I’m not sure if the students document verses the teachers document is different I am only a student but i could ask one of my teachers if you would like

but sense y’all are teachers do you know if we have a word count?

I don’t think there’s a word count even built in to Adobe, but with the OCR (optical character recognition) that Kami does, you could convert it into a file type that DOES have a word count.

I appreciate the help, JoLee. There’s not a “student” or “teacher” side from what I can tell, just file owners and editors. I’m posting here because the feature I’m looking for doesn’t exist (yet!), so I’m hoping some Kami coders will see it and be able to add it!

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I am so sorry it just seemed like you were a teacher sorry about that and thanks for the help i hope they put in your feature (and maybe a word count) as soon as possible