Delete guest comments

I’m using Kami to annotate a PDF with various collaborators. Some log in as guest user, and I would like to know how to delete their comments. I imported the document and shared the link to others, but it seems that I don’t have administrator rights, i.e. being able to delete others’ comments.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thanks !

Hi maloherry

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete or hide other people’s annotations. I have forwarded this to the engineering team and see if this is a good addition to future feature releases.

A potential ‘hide’ option or ‘delete’ in the administrator level sounds useful for future Kami updates.


OK thanks, hope it will be added indeed !

Hello maloherry!

I am pleased to say you can now hide other collaborator’s annotations!

To do this, click the icon of the collaborator whose annotations you wish to hide. This will make their profile icon grey, which is how you can tell you have hidden their annotations. Collaborators are found in the bottom left corner.

For example, in the screenshot below there are two collaborators. There are two annotations from two different users. The top, yellow annotation is from the first collaborator, and the bottom, pink annotation is from the second collaborator. In this example, you are the user on the left.

If you click the second annotator’s icon, it will grey them out and hide their annotations.

While this is not exactly admin rights, it works in much the same way.

Hope this helps!

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