Dark Mode to Save Our Eyes

I did search this before making a post and only had two results, so I hope it’s not repetitive (even though that would probably be information on its own).

Please, please enable a dark mode that makes pages dark and text light. I have to read several articles and books a week, often into the night when it’s dark around me, and it’s a huge strain on my eyes for the page to be bright white against a dark background. I’ve been getting eye twitches and watery eyes after reading in those specific conditions.

I am 100% sure that no one would have an issue with dark mode being an option. It would only make people happy—so many apps and programs offer dark modes now, especially given how many of us are forced to spend hours and hours at our screens. I LOVE Kami and do not want to have to find something else to use, as even if it offers a dark mode I doubt I would find the same tools.

ahhh! please!

Yes, that feature would be amazing, however they would have to change the existing dark mode in order to do this.