Critical Problem with image(jpg) orientation while converting to PDF

Hello, Several teacher in my school reported this issue.
So I gathered proof and reproduced the following steps:

files and screenshots of all steps are in this shared folder
Kami Issue Folder

1 - Take original photo from student (here, a math exercice in portrait display)

2 - Import into Kami and confirm converting to PDF
2.A here, the PDF already looks odd because its content is compressed vertically because the pdf was created in landcape mode instead of portrait
2.B make annotations

3 - Export via the download button and select “pdf with annotations”

Result : the pdf exported is not conform to the display in Kami.
The generated document by Kami, is a landscape document, containing a portrait document all condensed verticaly, and the annotations are off and misaligned.

Please help us.
I think the issue is happening between steps 1 and 2, during kami import.
imagemagick doesn’t consider the original document rotation.

Many thanks

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I spotted other users as well having this issue:

I am posting here the picture of step 3, because of the limit of 2 pics in one post.