Creating Bookmarks

I’m new to the Kami community and would like to know if in the Kami app is there a way to create bookmarks so I can return to a place in a document for further editing/writing? I tried the knowledge-base, but it offered no topic on bookmarks. Perhaps there is another keyword? Thanks.


Nope - as far as I’m aware this is not an option yet. I have asked the same thing,


I join your request! I use Kami a lot, mainly in academic reading and really miss the opportunity to set a bookmark and keep a link to a specific part or portion of the text.


That would be so helpful! I agree, @Andrewbl and hope for it too! @Kami, maybe this is something you should try out! Maybe without an upgrade.

Add me here for this feature request. Will probably stop using unless there’s some indication that this is in the works; it’s too important for many-paged documents.


This would be really useful! Just adding my reply in here to show that I would also very much like this and am surprised this is not already a feature.

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who needs help bookmarking again?.

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Is there any update on the bookmarking feature? It would really be helpful while navigating exhaustive documents.
Thank you

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Hello everyone,

Great news! We are working on a bookmarking feature at the moment. These are photos of the feature in-development. Let us know what you think.


Is there any update on this?

Pics of in-progress feature look great. Eagerly awaiting this functionality!

When do you think the bookmarks will be implemented. I would like to help if possible or if needed.

Where is my bookmark feature? hahaha, seriously, this would be great, any update?

That would be nice indeed!