"Create with Kami" option gone :(

Just this morning when creating an assignment in Google Classroom one of the top-down options, was the BLUE “create with Kami” option. For some reason, I no longer have that option. WHY?

I’m just letting you know that the same thing happened to me today for the first time. I don’t know why but I hope someone responds. :slight_smile:

Someone from Kami just sent me the following email. I followed the directions sent and it works again.:smiley::+1:

Hi there,

This has been fixed, please go to https://status.kamihq.com/ for more information.

To update immediately, please go to link chrome://extensions in a new window, in the top right corner, toggle “Developer mode” and click “Update” on the top left side. This should update all of your extensions, and ultimately update Kami’s extension to the latest version.

If you don’t need it right away, your extensions will automatically update. It’ll typically be rolled out within 24 hours, or the next time their browser is online.

Thank you for your patience,


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Thanks so much for your help!

My kami wasn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:. And then someone showed me how to fix it :smiley: