Copy/Paste images into Kami from clipboard

The new insert images tool is great.

However, it’s a hassle to have to download and image just so I can insert it into my Kami PDF document. Could you guys please work on a way to allow copy and pasting an image directly into a PDF. I’m a medical student and use Kami to take notes during my lectures, and this is a huge drawback in using Kami to take notes (every other program from microsoft word, google docs, onenote allows you to copy and paste images). Please make this happen! Thank you!


Agreed, this would be super helpful.

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Bump this!

It would help students & teachers in general who need to insert images quickly on-the-go and allow for an overall enhanced learning experience.

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You can do it but you must use key commands to paste (can’t use right click). Control V for a PC and Command V for a Mac.

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