Comments showing as "from imported document"

I’m not assigning pdfs as Kami assignments, but some of my students are using Kami to annotate those pdfs. However, in some cases, I’m not able to see their comments – the comment boxes are showing up, but instead of the comment text, it reads “from imported document.” I tried opening the annotated pdf in Kami, but the comments don’t show up there either (although the highlights do). Any thoughts?


i don’t use google classroom, but i’d have to assume you mean it looks like this. i got the screenshot from one of my own pdfs from kami in my google drive. i have no idea what these are or what they’re supposed to be for but if this is what you’re seeing, chances are it’s nothing important.
hope this helped!

I have a teacher that is getting theses same responses - we are wondering if it is because a student is copying from another students KAMI document?
I believe they can share their document with each other?

I have several teachers reporting this too. Not sure what’s going on. Looking for any insight from Kami or the community. Thanks.

I was wondering the same thing.

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This probably ain’t much, but it’s something. So I realized that, some blank comments saying “from imported document,” they don’t have any actual text, or there was no comment there in the first place. Though, I’m not sure if this applies to all comments boxes, I just noticed that the empty comment boxes on my pdf synced with the on-page annotations I made on Kami —highlights, comment bullets/markers(dots), etc—, which makes sense since they are actually, visibly marked, on the page(s) of the document.

As for general comments not being visible, I don’t know. I’m also trying to figure that out as well as looking for answers and so far, finding none. The best solution I have in terms of comments is to comment/annotate directly on the pdf with the comment tool.

Hope this helped :grin:.

Has anyone figured this out yet? “From imported document”

I had checked the “grade with Kami” box and it saved that setting. This morning I had to restart my computer and I think the school Admin changed some settings or something because I had to log back in and my “grade with Kami” box was no longer checked so I saw the “from imported document” message. I clicked “grade with Kami” and they were gone!
Grade with Kami Box checked and unchecked