Can't make paragraphs anymore with add text feature!

When I add text on my pdfs and I try to press enter to make a new paragraph, it clusters as soon as I quit the text box. The recent Kami update seem to interfere with this. I’ve been a Kami user for almost 2 years now and I have always been able to make paragraphs in my text boxes when annotating my pdfs files.

I took screenshots of this happening :

I want :

  • Capillaires press enter
  • Veines press enter
  • Troncs lymphatiques press escape

and I obtain :

  • Capillaires- Veines- Troncs lymphatiques

This is really irritating! I really need a fix for this since I am using Kami for lecture’s notes in medschool

Thank you for assistance.


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I am having the same problem and it is very annoying.

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It’s being fixed today.

Everything’s fine now! Thanks a lot guys! This simple detail really affects productivity :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still having this problem. Any solutions?

Martin, if you’re still having issues despite the recent fix. I’d suggest you email us a copy of the file and we can look into it on our end. Email is, make sure you mention this forum post.


Hi! It’s any file actually. Could it be that I somehow don’t have the latest version of Kami? I’m using a Toshiba chromebook. Is there any way to manually check what version I’m using and/or update?

EDIT: It’s working now! Maybe my computer just hadn’t updated earlier for some reason. Thanks anyway!