Cannot return assignment

I created a (worksheet) google slide assignment (make own copy for student) which has text boxes and child can edit. When a child uses their finger to draw their answers (tablet) it comes across to me as a pdf and i can “grade with Kami”. BUT when a child types their answers, when i open it and grade it with Kami, there is no return button, I go back to classroom and all my marks are gone . i have no way of returning the assignment with all my marks. I appreciate any and all help.

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I have a similar problem. I grade a document with Kami, but then I can’t return it to the student. There is no return button. When I go back to Google Classroom, my markings are gone.

How do I return a document that I’ve marked with Kami?
Thank you.

Same happened with me. Students turn in a JPEG. I convert it. Then I have no way to share my markings with my students.

I have a similar question. Can anyone help with that?

I am having the same problem. I’m new to Kami. Do they not respond to these threads??? Curious before I purchase the program.

I think I have it figured out. In classroom, I need to click on the student’s name under “turned in.” Then, click on their assignment. I then just need to make sure it says grade with Kami. It keeps you in Google Classroom. THen, I have no problems. Before, I was just clicking on view assignment and clicking on the students assignment before clicking on their name. It opens it up differently.

I have tried that. If their assignment opens as a PDF and I grade with Kami it’s fine. but for some reason some assignments are not opening as PDF (even tho I made each child their own copy) so when I click grade with Kami the ‘return’ feature is not there. I appreciate any help anyone can give

Sorry. I am not having that same issue anymore. I did until today though. I’m sorry this is still any issue for you. It is very frustrating. Good luck!

Look some teachers are having promblems with the grading and stuff but I am not a teacher so I dont know how much I can help ya´ll but I just want to say good luck and stay calm and everything will be alright soon Have fun!!!