Cannot return assignment

I created a (worksheet) google slide assignment (make own copy for student) which has text boxes and child can edit. When a child uses their finger to draw their answers (tablet) it comes across to me as a pdf and i can “grade with Kami”. BUT when a child types their answers, when i open it and grade it with Kami, there is no return button, I go back to classroom and all my marks are gone . i have no way of returning the assignment with all my marks. I appreciate any and all help.

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I have a similar problem. I grade a document with Kami, but then I can’t return it to the student. There is no return button. When I go back to Google Classroom, my markings are gone.

How do I return a document that I’ve marked with Kami?
Thank you.

Same happened with me. Students turn in a JPEG. I convert it. Then I have no way to share my markings with my students.

I have a similar question. Can anyone help with that?

I am having the same problem. I’m new to Kami. Do they not respond to these threads??? Curious before I purchase the program.

I think I have it figured out. In classroom, I need to click on the student’s name under “turned in.” Then, click on their assignment. I then just need to make sure it says grade with Kami. It keeps you in Google Classroom. THen, I have no problems. Before, I was just clicking on view assignment and clicking on the students assignment before clicking on their name. It opens it up differently.

I have tried that. If their assignment opens as a PDF and I grade with Kami it’s fine. but for some reason some assignments are not opening as PDF (even tho I made each child their own copy) so when I click grade with Kami the ‘return’ feature is not there. I appreciate any help anyone can give

Sorry. I am not having that same issue anymore. I did until today though. I’m sorry this is still any issue for you. It is very frustrating. Good luck!