Can Kami create fillable form documents?

I’m getting more familiar with Kami and have a very fundamental question. I want to create a fillable form document for student to complete. In the non-Google world, fillable form PDF’s are locked documents that have boxes within them that a reader can fill out without affecting any of the rest of the document. I thought Kami could create something similar. So far, it seems to me that the only way Kami simulates this is by having a reader select the Text option from the menu, create a box over the area on the underlying document, and entering text there. That’s a far cry from a simple click-and-fill-in the information and far less complicated for a second grade student.
Am I wrong in my analysis? If not (fingers crossed), can someone explain how I could create such a form? Thanks


Try pressing the black page button

What do you mean by “Black Page Button?”

Can you insert text boxes where you want them to type their answers? You would have to add instructions in the text box so they see where to type.

It says “New Blank Page”

I think that will work.