Bug: Improper stylus functionality on an added PDF page

When adding a page to the end of a PDF, when drawing (e.g. text, math equations, anything) on the new page, the markup appears about an inch away from where the stylus is touching the screen----not directly underneath the stylus!

Also—why when adding a new PDF page to a PDF, why is the page size never actually an 8.5" x 11" It seems the added page is always larger than PDF pages that may exist in the document already (the PDF I am writing on was printed to PDF from a google doc. Can the ‘add page’ feature simply get size info for the new page from the previous page or the first page in the document? Or perhaps just a selection box to pick added page size.

Would also be useful when adding a page to be able to select either portrait or landscape format.


Update: Have determined this bug occurs when adding a page to a PDF generated outside of Kami (i.e. it does not occur when starting from a ‘new pdf’ from within Kami). So far, I know it occurs when adding a blank page to a PDF generated using Google Docs. Likely occurs on PDFs generated in other programs / sites.