Arrows an shapes

It would great if we could easily show arrows for direction.

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Hi there, I’m Becky from Kami. This would be an awesome option! We will pass your request onto our team.

In the meantime, after creating a line using the shapes tool, you can double-click it and select the three lines in the toolbar. From there, you can turn it into an arrows!

Thanks for the suggestion - Becky

OH YES!!! THERE ARE ARROWS!!! I will pass along to my students today!

Thank you!

The arrows on the drawing line are in the wrong direction?

Hi, I’m Roseanne , Kami’s Central East Coast Account Executive, when you open the mini-menu to make into an arrow there should be a choice for each direction. When using the drawing tool, because it is free hand it sometimes puts the arrow head in slightly offset manner, as it is reading the end of the line differently than our eyes see it. One way to to fix that is to hold down shift when using the drawing tool as that holds the line straight and you get a better result when you turn into an arrow. You can also use the shape tool for the line as Becky suggested. And one other way is to up load a picture of the arrow you want as a signature and use it like a stamp.

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