API Developer Key is Invalid when trying to upload to schoology

I receive this error when I try to pull a document into schoology with kami. I have not purchased it, I am still on the free 30 days. I will purchase it, if it will make the error go away.

Another teacher on my campus and I are having this issue as well (but with Canvas integration). She was inputting documents and having success, but then got message. I went in to try it on my account and had the same issue. We are in the middle of a free trial as well.

We have the paid version (paid $3000 for a school license), and we are having this issue as well. It says that the API developer key is invalid.

Having the same issue. Paid version school liscense. It looks like it’s a Google Drive integration issue. Doesn’t work in Schoology, but also doesn’t work if I go to the webapp, and choose “Open from Google Drive”.

I’ve contacted support, and passed on what I know.