Annotations Complete - Now what? Google Classroom

In my school, we are using Chromebooks, not iPads. I am using Google Classroom for my math students to submit work. The most popular way is for them to complete their work on paper, take a picture on their phone, and submit it via Google Classroom. I was able to open with Kami (after the conversion process) and make corrections and give feedback. Then what? Is there a way for Kami to easily save the edited version of their work right on the Google Classroom page? Right now it looks like my only choice is to save it to my Google Drive and then share it with the student. That defeats the purpose of using Google Classroom, where all documents are “housed” within the stream between the students and me.


We have some instructions on how to do this here: - Essentially, if your students use the save to drive button within Kami, that will overwrite the file they were assigned and they can then turn it back in within Classroom.