Allow a 3rd party to grade assignments?

I’m very new to Kami so apologies if this is covered in another topic.

I’m a student teacher and my mentor has been using Kami. I would love to keep using Kami when I take over the classroom but there’s the issue of Google Drive permissions. Because I am a student teacher my district email does not get Google Suite capabilities, so I need to use my personal Gmail to create Slides and Docs. (IT flatly denied my request for Google Suite access.) So when I try to correct students’ work through Kami it tells me that I don’t have permission to view the file, presumably because I’m using a non-district Gmail account. I do already have editor permissions for all the source files she uses through Google Drive, and students are accessing Kami via Schoology.

Does anyone know if it is possible for my mentor to give me permissions to all student submissions so that I don’t have to request permission for every single student submission?

A colleague and I share planning responsibilities and are admins in each others courses to help with coordination of assignments. I’m getting that error message too. We realized that she must have created the assignment because all of my student’s work is appearing in her google drive.

It is a pain, but the student submission should be in your mentors google drive under “shared with me”. She needs to find the files and share them with you for you to be able to see them in schoology.

It is odd that IT would give you schoology access and not google suite access. You might try going through the principal to see if they can advocate for you with IT. The request may have to come from Administration and may require changing a policy that may have once made sense, but in the age of digital learning you cannot be an effective student teacher without access to google drive. Good luck with your student teaching!!

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