Ability for teacher to edit comments/annotations that students make on a document

So I did my first lesson where students are making notes on one shared document. It worked really well, except students couldn’t see the notes until “return” was selected. It would be nice if annotations were “live” as students typed them.

Is there a way to set it so that a teacher has “Master Control” to student annotations? In other words, I think the “owner/teacher” should have the ability to delete/change any student annotations. This would be especially important if we were working asynchronously on a document.

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I agree with removing student annotations.

You can always have that thought but knowing students sometimes needs that ability to have there work not go missing… I understand im a student and im not gonna be rude but
Do you ever think about other teachers and what they have for there students, I mean you really never asked them. Now im gonna go have a great day and talk soon.