A teacher used Kami to mark up doc and 'returned' the doc to student. Can that student do additional work and resubmit for me to look at it again? the teacher 'returned' the work after using Kami 'returned' the doc back to student

Hello. I want to know if I can markup a student’s work that they have submitted, ‘return’ that work to them, have the student make changes and resubmit the document to me for follow up? Thanks in advance for the assistance!

The only way that works for me is to make a Kami PDF assignment and have them mark on the Kami PDF.
I haven’t figured out how to do it other ways. I’m trying to get someone to respond as to whether it is possible any other way.

I think if you create a copy of the pdf for each student when using Google Classroom, then that document can be marked up over and over.