150 Student Limit with multiple teachers

Does each teacher need to have licenses granted to their students or can the students use a license from a different teacher within another class.

Teacher A and Teacher B are using canvas together.

They both have subscriptions to Kami (150 + 150 students)

They teach a combined total of 230 students.

Teacher A creates a Kami assignment and assigns it to all 230 students.

Can the students from teacher B use the teacher B license to access Teacher A’s assigned Kami assignment and not put teacher A over the 150 cap?

We keep running into licensing issues with teachers going over the 150 cap when their rosters are only 140 but they are combined in the distance learning setting for content creation.


Hi there!

Unfortunately, students cannot use Teacher B’s license to access Teacher A’s assignment. Kami creates a unique license key for each Kami Teacher account and each Student account, which means every time a teacher pushes out an assignment to a student or each time a student enters a license code into their Student account, that student will automatically be added under the Teacher license.

Note that students can be included in multiple teacher accounts–this creates the linkage between teacher-to-student and vise versa, also allowing the connection if you’re using Kami with an LMS, like Google Classroom, Schoology or Canvas.

If you’re co-teaching the same group of students and would like to combine two teacher accounts into one Kami teacher license (150 students), please get in touch with us at support@kamiapp.com. I hope this helps. Thanks!

The problem is in co-teaching we are pushing assignments out to over 150 students in our LMS (Canvas). Is there any way that we can combine two licenses into one and push the limit to 300?

If I push out an assignment to our co taught classes two teachers worth of students are accessing that one teachers assignments.

Our intent is to have the correct amount of licenses to cover all our students but it sounds like your product can not do that for us if each student has to be licensed to each teacher and our teachers have to cross manage more than 150 students.

What do you suggest we do?

Thank you for elaborating on that, it helps me to understand your request even better. Our team is definitely open to learning more about your teaching situation and accommodate as best as we can. My suggestion is to send a request through to support@kamiapp.com and share that you want to combine two licenses into one, and the number of students you want within the one license. Please note that our Customer Success team is working on a huge load right now and there will be a delay, so please let me know the urgency to this request and I can help with escalation. Thank you!

I did submit a request via support email before I posted to the forums.

I never heard back from them. I do understand that they must be swamped.

I am hoping to start use this regularly next week and would like to have a solution in place before then.

I would even happily spend another $99 to double my own license to bump myself to 300 if that is possible to avoid merging with other teachers accounts and trying to simplify the process. I would just be the assignment manager on our merged canvas LMS classes with a larger student license cap to cover everyone.