15 days of no customer service reply

I had submitted an email more than 15 days ago as well as a forum post.

I received a reply to my forum post and followed up my customer service response with 2 additional emails but I have not heard anything back.

I am now at the point of wanting to cancel my service and subscription.

Any Kami escalation for a response would be appreciated.

@ Alberllie

edit: response received thank you.

Try to call the people if that doesnt work than blow up there phone or something untill they give you what you need LOL but no really Try to contact the people by phone this happens to me sometimes and you should really do it face to face or by phone send me something back if you need any more help…Your welcome

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Do you have a phone number for Kami? I can’t find one anywhere on their site.

Do I dont have there phone number but I can get it hang on