Voice Comment issue

My students and I are having occasional issues with the voice comments. It seems to be a bit distorted or have static when playing back the recording. Anyone else having this issue?

Try asking the owner to rerecord it.
May be there may be a problem with the microphone of the person who recorded your audio

We’re having the same issues, students are mostly using HP Chromebooks. We’ve tried to troubleshoot a number of things, thinking maybe it was a problem with Zoom and Kami running together so we closed Zoom and it still happened. Then we thought maybe it was a problem with students using Bluetooth headphones so we suggested no headphones and still had the problems.

All I can really think is we don’t know what the technology is like in their home and something has to be interfering with their recording, be it feedback from another device or just their own network limitations.

I’ll be curious if anyone has any more concrete ideas because short of “try a different space and record again” we’ve run out of ideas.