Unsubscribing from notification emails for a document

Hi Kami Community,

I shared some Kami files with a group of colleagues last year - some have left the organisation but continue to receive emailed notifications from Kami when we continue to collaborate, and they are becoming very frustrated with both me and the software. What advice can I give them to stop the “spam” they receive from Kami? At the moment their current workaround is to use Gmail to mark all Kami mail as spam.


Hey particles!

There are two options for unsubscribing.

We recently added an option at the bottom of the emails to unsubscribe. The other option is to go to settings, which is the three horizontal lines in the top right, and untick “Subscribe to Newsletter.”

Hope this helps!

Hey James!

Thanks for adding the new option within emails to unsubscribe.

However, I have shared both of these options with my colleagues and they inform me that it has not worked (and they have instead, diverted these emails by changing their email address on Kami - which means that they now do not receive any Kami correspondence). I tried attaching a screenshot but it said that my file might be corrupted (it’s not? It opens fine in Paint).

Hi Particles,

Since your feedback, there is now a new way to turn off all notification emails in the Settings. You can turn it off by going to Settings, and unticking Enable Email Notifications. I’ve attached a screenshot below.

You can also turn off the notifications individually by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. You should have two links one for Change what Kami sends you for this document and the other
Unsubscribe from all Kami Notifications.

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