Unkown Error when trying to sign in wiht Google

I have a student that is just getting an “unknown error” when clicking on sign in with Google. I am not sure even where to begin troubleshooting.

I don’t know how to answer this question, but this is the exact question that has me here searching! I checked my student’s google integrations, and google says that he has given permission, but Kami won’t allow him to log in!

Same problem here. Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

Our sincere apologies from the Kami team here, we experienced an outage yesterday due to a problem with one of our providers, Kami is back up and running again, and our engineers are managed to determine and address the root cause.

If you made annotations to a document while offline, these changes will be saved when you next open and login to Kami.

If anyone is still having issue with logging in or saving back to Google Drive please send us a message to support@kamihq.com, ideally with a screenshot of the issue so that we can recreate it on our side.

Thank you everyone for your patience, we apologize profusely for any disruptions that this outage may have caused.