Text to speech is not working

TTS is not working on either chrome or safari. It worked for a minute on safari, after some struggling, but then stopped again. Can you help?

Hi there, so can you just confirm that you aren’t receiving any error messages when you try to run the text-to-speech tool? A common cause of issues with reading out text on the page is that some PDF do not contain embedded text. One thing you can try is using the OCR tool on the file. This uses optical character recognition to generate text that can be selected and read out using TTS.

If you are still having issue with that then could you please send us a copy of the comment so that we can take an look and get to the root of what might be going wrong.

Hi, Like i said it was working (3 out of 10 times) on safari on the same text so it’s not about text or the underlying pdf. Native mac tts works fine. Chrome did not work at all.
How do i solve this problem? I would say it’s be the top 2 features i was interested in.