Students cannot see my annotations after I return their file on google classroom

It appears that when I annotate on jpeg and png file to mark student work that is submitted to me, students cannot see the annotations I make when I hit return to send the file back to students via google classroom.

How do students see the annotations?

Try sending it to them as a PDF file by converting the file when prompted, then sending it to Google Drive, then sending that to the students via Google Classroom. Hope this helps!

When are you ever prompted to convert the file to a pdf. When you open a picture file, Kami does a conversion which I presume is creating a pdf file to annotate. However, where is this file stored? Moreover, this kind of defeats the purpose of Kami to begin with. I think you should state clearly to the user that all files on google classroom should be uploaded in PDF in order to avoid this massive blunder.

Any time I upload a photo to Kami, I get a prompt to convert to PDF. This file is stored in your Google Drive. Hope this helps!

What is the default directory that the converted file is stored to on drive?

You can see exactly where it is by taking a look at the top part of the screen, where the Drive icon is. Hope this helps!

Do you send it back as a link?

You can send an email with the link from the “Google Sharing” menu. This link will start with
Hope this helps!