Sharing GDrive PDFs to non-Google users in Kami

I work in a tutoring organizations that had a great system going up until this week of creating pdfs in Google Drive, opening them in Kami, and sharing the link from Kami. Students could open up the link and choose to sign in or skip but their annotations synced to GDrive which we loved for tracking.

This week, the sharing changed so we tried adapting to opening up the sharing settings from Google Drive directly. Files are now open to public editing for a tutoring session. However, students are still asked repeatedly to authenticate with Google even though they are made public to anyone.

For young kids, this is a show stopper. They don’t have a gmail and it’s one thing to ask them to make a Kami log in but another to force the Google Drive authentication.

Is anyone else seeing this new Google Authentication push? Is there some way around it for Non-Google Kami users opening a file stored in GDrive that has been made public? Do we need to get setup with GSuite to manage all of our students google accounts now in order to use Kami?

you might have to talk to the admin of of google…