Reading disability problem concerning newest version of KAMI

The latest update of KAMI poses a problem to our student who uses both KAMI and another app displaying word suggestions based on the first letter (and then the second e.t.c) …KAMI now opens the little toolbox on top of the writing box permanently as long as the user write …this box bloks for the word suggestion app effectively making it impossible to use KAMI and the other app together as before …we would like a way to disable or hide the toolbox allowing the word suggestion app to pop up under the wordbox.

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Mogens Pedersen
Specialized Teacher

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I agree, this is a huge need. Also, the ability to use some type of voice typing within the text box.

Hi jgoodson and Mogens!

I have found a program called WordQ ( that worked well for me!

Sorry for the poor quality!

Hope this helps!

Hi Mogens and jgoodson!

Good news! AppWriter Cloud has updated their software so that it now works with Kami!

Another update for Don Johnston users,

I was able to use both Snap and Read and Co:Writer Universal with the Kami App. However, they do not work with the extension.

If you go to, Co:Writer and Snap and Read will work.

You can also install the app here:

After installing the app, go to chrome://apps/ to access Kami.

Hope this helps!