Permission not granted to edit file

I’ve recently been receiving the following message whenever I try to reply to a comment on a PDF that I have shared through Google Drive.

“The owner of this document (Christina Cain) has not granted you permission to edit this file. To edit, create your own copy below.”

But I am the owner. I uploaded the document to Google Drive. I shared it with a group of people through Google Drive and they all have editing permissions. I can generate and reply to my own comments, however, I cannot reply to comments made by any of the other people. I’ve been told that at least one person has had the same issues. She had to make a copy of the PDF before making edits.

Below is a screenshot of the message I get:

This is something new, I’ve been using Kami for a few years now. I don’t believe I’ve changed any settings recently and I can’t find any obvious permissions-type settings that would lead to this behavior.

The reason I use Kami is for the collaboration: park a PDF on google drive, share with a group of people, they make the necessary edits/comments, then I go to that one document and am able to see everything in one spot. I’d hate to step backward with people saving individual copies in order to mockup one PDF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We have just deployed a fix for this, so it should be solved by tomorrow morning.

Hi, this is now happening to me as well. I am a newer Kami user, but I have successfully used it in my classes a few times, and I wanted students to be able to do a worksheet & turn it in using Kami, but they are all getting this same message the second they go to edit the PDF/make a copy. They cilck make a copy & they go to what appears to be a copy, but then when they try to write, this happens again.

Simply have them create a copy, instead of editing your version. Then all the students can have their own copy to do whatever the please.