Pen or Stylus input for touchscreen?

Is there a way to use a stylus or your finger to annotate, highlight, and underline pdfs? It didn’t work for me when I tried, unless I just need to change some sort of setting?

If it’s not currently possible with a normal touch or stylus, would an Active Stylus, such as the Surface pen, work? I don’t have an Active Stylus right now, so I couldn’t test it out.

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I’d like to second this feature, especially now that Microsoft has a greater focus on stylus input.

I upgraded to a new Surface Pro, and I can still only draw with my finger, not the pen. Other products support stylus, is it a setting in the browser?


Can you please email

We would like to set up a call to troubleshoot these issues.

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I am finding the same thing now. Have a Toshiba Ultrabook with touchscreen. The stylus works for every other app, but in Kami, only my finger works to draw or highlight, and then, the app freezes often enough I’m considering looking for another tool (Microsoft OneNote or some such tool).

Any advice for getting a pen/stylus to work with Kami? I want to be able to annotate PDF texts, that’s all.