Multiple Google Drives - download to correct drive

I have a personal google drive AND a business google drive. I cannot select which drive the PDF is downloaded to. So right now everything saves to my personal drive and I have no way to save/download to my business google drive.

This basically renderes the save to google drive function usless unless I’m saving to my personal drive.

There should be a place to register multiple G-drives in Kami and then the option presented during the download process to select from the registered drives, if more than one has been registered, before selecting the destination folder.

I love this app but I run in to this problem EVERY time I want to save a PDF!

I have not been able to find a solution in Kami other than download to the computer then upload from the computer to the correct G-drive. Way too clunky for such a feature rich app in 2017.

Thank you in advance for a solution!

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the feedback,

Currently, the easiest solution would be to use Kami separately with each Google account. If you use Google Chrome, this is very easy because you can use the “People” function. For example, if you are using Kami with your business account, simply create a Google profile with the business account and switch to that account.

You can find the People tab here on Mac:

And here on Windows:

We will look into adding an option to switch Google Drive more easily.

You can also sign out of Drive, sign into a new account, and then refresh Kami.

I apologize for the inconvenience.