Insert text proofreading tool

I edit an academic journal with a co-editor, and we are trying to use Kami to edit articles collaboratively. Previously, we’ve been editing them separately in Acrobat and then one of us will collate the edits from the two PDFs into one, but this duplicates work (we often catch the same mistakes.)

The only tool we use frequently in Acrobat that I can’t see an equivalent for in Kami is the “insert text at cursor” tool (a T with a caret mark in the toolbar). In Acrobat, this tool inserts a caret where you click in the text, then opens a comment box for you to type the text you want inserted (so it works just like the strikethrough option+comment box, but with no deletion.) The only way I can see of trying to do this in Kami is with the Text Box tool (but that doesn’t bring up a comment box, it just lays over the text in the PDF, which isn’t useful for us), or the “speech bubble” comment tool (which isn’t as precise as inserting a caret mark right where the cursor insert needs to be, like in the middle of a word for a missing letter). Would it be possible to add this feature?