Inappropriate ads out of control

I understand the need to make money off of a free version; However the ads that are popping up are RIDICULOUS …

My students don’t need to see, “Find Beautiful Thai Women”, and Find a Filipino woman dating site pop ups… I sign-up as a teacher. How can I continue to use the free version without this issue…???

Example: Ridiculous Ad


We have been having this same issue. Our entire high school and middle school are 1:1 with Chromebooks, and our teachers use fillable PDF’s quite a bit. Kami has been GREAT until this problem. I’ve got teachers who are upset with me because I recommended it…and now they have stopped using it.


Hello Ktgurr and elawson!

We are very sorry to hear you are receiving inappropriate ads. Thank you for your understanding on the importance of ad revenue.

We have blocked these type of ads, so there should no longer be inappropriate ads.

Please let us know if these ads continue to appear, preferably including a screenshot!


I know my students keep getting the same thing

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Hi justin!

We have disabled the inappropriate categories on Adwords.

Can you please send a screenshot of the ad to This way, we can show the ad to Google and figure out why there are still inappropriate ads appearing.

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So true! I am a student, not a teacher, but that ad was ridiculous! @Ktgurr, I agree!

@Lili Yeah, i really don’t need ads like that. I hope they fixed it.

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Jolee really need to talk its Gabby