How to delete copies?

Hi, so a pdf I’m viewing has multiple copies, though I really only need one. Is there a way I can remove the other ones? I know there’s a topic previously posted regarding the deletion of tracking copies, though none of these copies were uploaded, and so I can’t delete them that way.

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Is there seriously no answer to this? It’s been 2 months!
The copies keep piling up because I accidentally click anything outside the box showcasing the copies.

Hi Quanijuana,

Currently, there is no way to delete tracked copies. However, this is in the pipeline for future development.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much for the response.

Agreed. This is my second biggest disappointment with Kami.

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Also very hopeful for this to be implemented.

This feature needs to be implemented.

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I like the idea of a sidebar.

A delete button in the dialog, sidebar, or any other area that manages or interacts with copies of a document would be helpful. You got the issue exactly right - extra copies are created when opening the document, and it’s not possible to delete these unwanted copies.

I would love a delete button next to the Kami Cloud copies so they can be deleted. I am having the same problem of having too many copies of the same thing because of not being able to delete copies and accidentally click through to a new copy.

Hi MsGerrel88, thank you for writing! We’d love to learn more about this particular issue. How many copies do you typically have of the files that you frequently use? And in what context is having too many copies most inconvenient to you?

Best wishes,

I have a new copy of my student workbook pages that I annotate on for guided instruction. Every year, I add another copy so I start out fresh and new, without having to delete all of my annotations. However, I can never get rid of the copies in the Kami Cloud, even though I delete them in Google Drive. For instance, I have about 5 copies of a 6th grade reading workbook page and can’t get rid of any of them.

I agree, this would be very useful, just having either a close or delete button next to the Annotation Count. I am using Kami with my classes to quickly open the same PDFs of my student’s assignments to go over questions that they had/wanted to see worked out. Because I have more than one section of the same class, if I reopen the same PDF, all of my annotations from the first time are there so I’ve taken to just making a new copy and marking up that one to save time (as opposed to changing to the select tool and selecting all annotations to then delete them). Now though I have a bunch of new copies made which I don’t need anymore and I’m trying to tidy them up before I teach the same class next semester.