Copy annotations tool disappears after a certain amount of time

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Once i refresh the page, it’s there for a second and then it dissapears

@yhefter Can you help me?

Did you try updating Kami to the latest version here? There has been a bug in a previous version of Kami that deletes your annotations, which has been fixed.
Hope this helps!

I have been working on the latest version @yhefter. When I make my own files, the copy annotations tool stays, it’s when i open my school assignment is when it disappears.

Are you prompted to create your own copy when you attempt to edit? If so, that will always happen b/c the copy annotations tool only works on files that you can edit.
Hope this helps!

One question, on the education version, can they make it so that you can only access certain tools, and no I am not prompted to make my own copy, the copy is mad for me @yhefter.

on the education version the features are not locked, so if you only want certain features, you should use a different program (DocHub, Google Forms, etc.)

Alright, thanks a lot. (not bieng sassy