Bookmark - Adding Linked References

Can we please add a bookmark option (I know several people have asked in the past - however as far as I’m aware this option is not available yet).

Basically, I want a contents type option down the left hand side where I can click and go to that particular page. I often have several PDFs that I combine for work, however some of them will be quite large and I need go to a particular spot in the document. I have used Nitro Pro in the past where you would go to a certain page, right-click and add bookmark, type a short name and it would save on the left-hand column as a clickable reference.

I’m an accountant and setting up a new online-type business with the PDFs as my work paper behind the tax returns and financials. I need to be able to show how an item on the tax return or financials was calculated without having to scan in or have multiple PDFs for each client. Please add ASAP - even if this is only added to the paid versions I would be happy.

Otherwise I will need to look at other options - Nitro Pro, Abode etc.