Anyone Want To Talk? If So Just Reply Below

Hi if anyone wants to talk we can I am available!

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Hi let’s talk!:wave:

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Yo Yo Yo whats upppppppppppppppp

helloooooo my brothas and sista’s :smiley:

Sup hey do play nitro type???

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No i don’t have tv or a gaming console at this house

wow that sucks wait if you dont have electronics… How are you typing to us???
This is a mistery???

I think they just mean that they simply don’t have a TV or a gaming console like Xbox, PlayStation, (not sure if there’s more). They probably have a school computer though, so that’s probably how.

Are you on your phone???
your making me so confused anyway its on

@gjicha1 greensw is right. I’m on a school com right now, and nitro is blocked.

Gotcha but whys it blocked
Its just a game its alright
Thanks for letting me know.

I really don’t know. I searched i up and itz supposed to be a typing game

Ya it is supposed to be a typing game maybe its because if you become an officer on the team you choice… then you can literally talk to the team members and the captain so idk but have a great day.

Hi everyone I hope we can talk it would be great

Yes we can talk to you @Bruhyourself you sound pretty cool
Hows you been?

I have been good and thanks

Heyyyyyyy long time no talk… Whats everyone doing?
Am I allowed to talk to yall

how are you doing?

(I needed 20 characters so this is why this is here)

there’s a way to “pass” the 20 character thing. I don’t want to spoil the secret out to everyone so if you want, I can put it in a direct message to you.

(Oof I forgot how reply things look a little broken so this was for @whatup1067)

LMAO you both are doing great… Whats everyone doing today?