Anyone can join this Zoom at anytime!

Heyy guys!

Wanna join my zoom to have fun??

Here’s the link!

We can chat! We can play games! We can do a lot of things.

P.S. I will not be always on Zoom because I go to school 5 days a week and my weekends are pretty busy.

Ya I will join in a second… I gotta ask someone else tho

Ok, who are you going to ask?

T T what are you doing right now

Also im taking a test

I’m at school right now lol! Good luck!

Thanks you too.

( I hate the 20 )

You’re welcome. Same lol.

Can you please join the zoom?

What are you all doing there… You put come and have fun

What kind of Fun okay sorry sure I can join in a second

No ones on right now. Ok. It’s ok. Sounds good.

Whats the PC and ID for your zoom

It’s on this just scroll up. lol

Thats the link I need the ID AND PC

can TT join the zoom too… Also im adding people when I join

Ok, I’m sorry.

ID - 368-200-7381
There u go!

Thanks… See you soon.

Yes. Ok, sounds good. You’re welcome. See u soon!

Im in your waiting room… let me in alright

I just let in lol!!!

There was 2 of me lol