Annotation rotate on their own?!

We use Kami in nearly every class in our school, and I’ve never seen this before.
Students are answering an assessment, using Kami to mark their answers. When the assessment is returned to the teacher in Schoology, some students’ answers are rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. It’s not all of them–just a few in each of this teacher’s 4 classes. The document itself it still upright–it’s just the answers that have rotated.

The answers are still readable, but it’s puzzling. When the students pull up the document on their Chromebooks, the answers aren’t rotated. It’s only when they reach the teacher’s inbox that the rotation appears.

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I have the same problem.

Hi Helik, thanks for bringing this up. Could you load one of the files with rotated answers, use the Share Document button, and send us the sharing link to

Best wishes,
Tyler, Customer Success at Kami